• FOCUS: SCULPTURE SIDNEY MYER FUND AUSTRALIAN CERAMIC AWARD NATIONAL EDUCATION PICTORIAL SURVEY SINGLE FIRING Editor Vicki Grima says: "I love this issue – it’s full of wonderful creative people! The vibrancy and diversity of our ceramics community, and their stories about what they do and where they do it, is presented here on these 160 pages. This bumper issue is becoming the ‘new normal’ for the Journal, as there is always so much content to squeeze in". 582 artists: Andres Allik, Julie Bartholomew, Nanna Bayer, Pattie Beerens, Stephen Benwell, Stephen Bird, Anthony Brink, Rita Brooks, Pablo Capati, Chris Crerar, Greg Daly, Selena de Carvalho, Lynda Draper, Dan Elborne, Janet Fieldhouse, Richilde Flavell, Tom Freeman, Bev Hogg, Madeline King, Juz Kitson, Clairy Laurence, Dai-Rong Lee, Dai Li, Melissa McElhone, Damon Moon, Sassy Park, Emma Parker, Yui Phunseau, Kenny Pittock, Madeleine Preston, Monique Revell, Mel Robson, Ebony Russell, Alison Smiles, Derek Smith, Jean Swinyard, Madeleine Thornton-Smith, John Bosco Tipiloura, Mark Valenzuela, Karlien van Rooyen, Isadora Vaughan and Babbu Wensceslao Front cover: Lynda Draper, Somnambulism 2019, installation, Black Widow, detail, 2019, glazed ceramic, h.120cm, w.96cm, d.86cm; photo: Christian Capurro, Courtesy Shepparton Art Museum Published 17 July 2019 Editor: Vicki Grima Editorial Assistant: Bridie Moran Graphic Design: Katja De Carvalho
  • 15TH AUSTRALIAN CERAMICS TRIENNALE HOLDING SPACE MAKING PLACE TASMANIA 2019 Our April issue of The Journal of Australian Ceramics is full to the brim with articles on ceramicists who will be presenting, demonstrating and exhibiting at The Australian Ceramics Triennale 2019 – Sergei Isupov, Elisa Helland-Hansen, Glenn Barkley, Fleur Schell, David Ray, Anna-Marie Wallace and Prue Venables to name just a few. A 32-page MANIFEST catalogue is also part of this bumper 160-page issue. 581 artists: Andres Allik, Connie Augoustinos, Jane Bamford, Andrea Barker, Glenn Barkley, Julie Bartholomew, Nanna Bayer, Boxplot, Lisa Britzman, Lisa Cahill, Alison Milyka Carroll, Somchai Charoen, Ian Clare, Kris Coad, Rebecca Coates, Greg Daly, Andrei Davidoff, Zsolt Faludi, Honor Freeman, Shannon Garson, Ebony Heidenreich, Elisa Helland-Hansen, Anne Mette Hjortshøj, Neil Hoffmann, Sergei Isupov, Claire Johnson, Nicolette Johnson, Amy Kennedy, Shane Kent, Dr Sandy Lockwood, Gerald Makin, Jeff Malpas, Heidi McKenzie, Damon Moon, Annemieke Mulders, Bridget Nicholson, NOT, Anna O'Loughlin, Marine Ostinato, Andrew Parker, Alicja Patanowska, David Ray, Serena Rosevear, Dr Owen Rye, Fleur Schell, Hamada Shoji, Susan Simonini, Zoë Slee, Jimmy Kenny Thaiday, Dee Taylor-Graham, Peter Timms, Kenji Uranishi, Dawn Vachon, Prue Venables, Anna-Marie Wallace, Sallee Warner, Steve Williams and Alana Wilson. Journal cover image: Prue Venables, Betty’s Kitchen, detail, 2017, various objects thrown and turned, pierced thrown and altered with new bases added hammered and pierced metal handles, fabricated metal lid; Limoges porcelain Jingdezhen porcelain, sterling silver woven cord, turned wood, matt black glaze yellow glaze, clear glaze; installation, h.22cm, w.140cm, d.140cm; photo: Terence Bogue Published 1 April 2019 Editor: Vicki Grima Editorial Assistant: Bridie Moran Graphic Design: Astrid Wehling
  • FOCUS: EXPLORING SURFACE This issue includes a luscious range of articles about volcanic glazes, inlay, glaze chemistry and naked raku. We cover two stunning exhibitions in Western Australia, along with an amazing 10-page look at nerikomi with Anne Mossman, rounded off with reports from every corner of Australia. 573 artists: Avi Amesbury, Nanna Bayer, Nerida Bell, Sandra Black, Kevin Boyd, Carmelo Capone, Geoff Crispin, Janet DeBoos, Johanna DeMaine, Nikki Dowdell, Pippin Drysdale, Dorothy Feibleman, Izette Felthun, Simone Fraser, Tom Freeman, Helen Fuller, Marian Giles, Phil Greed, Stephanie Hammill, Su Hanna, Thomas Hoadley, Barry Jackson, Bronwyn Kemp, Bernard Kerr, Narumi li, Jackie Masters, Anne Mossman, Annemieke Mulders, Chester Nealie, Luke O’Connor, Warrick Palmateer, Eloise Rankin, Owen Rye, Yhonnie Scarce, Fleur Schell, Vipoo Srivilasa, Cathe Stack, Sandra Taylor, Geoff Thomas, Wendy Thurgate, Sarah Tracton, Jo Victoria, Larissa Warren and Naoko Yehenara. As always, we will squeeze in as much as we can about Australian ceramics ... the people who use clay, their work and commentary about it. Bursting with inspiring stories, stunning imagery and technical information, the November JAC has your summer reading sorted! Journal cover image: Simone FraserFont Series II, dry glaze, midfired, h.51cm, w.22cm; photo: Greg Piper Published 20 November 2018 Editor: Vicki Grima Editorial Assistant: Bridie Moran Graphic Design: Astrid Wehling