The Good Cup: a discussion celebrating the handmade cup

The Good Cup: a discussion celebrating the handmade cup

Saturday, 14 October 2017 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm
The Bakehouse Studio
54 Renwick Street, Marrickville NSW 2204 Australia

Come look, handle and talk cups with us in this beautiful old bakery/artist studio in Marrickville. This special afternoon event explores what makes ‘a good cup’ with 3 makers – Chris James, Sophie Moran, and Kati Watson. They will share their thoughts on function, the importance of design in relation to handles, rims and form and their unique approaches to the handmade cup.

About the artists and the discussion:
Chris James, Head of Ceramics, TAFE NSW Northern Beaches, will demonstrate his approach to throwing forms on the potter’s wheel, forms that convey the message of fluidity. Chris will also show us how he makes his unique handles while he chats about what he looks for in a cup.

Sophie Moran, from Melbourne, will discuss how daily use and observation of handmade cups in her own collection help informs her own intent when making functional drinking vessels. Sophie will bring along a few cups and show some images.

Kati Watson is addicted to throwing on the wheel and loves making useful vessels. She will share the attributes of cups she likes to use, along with why she make cups and what they mean to her, along with mass production versus the handmade.

Bring cups!
Participants are asked to bring along their favourite cup as a talking point, along with a cup from their collection which is perhaps not so successful. Participants are also encouraged to bring along up to 10 cups to sell and/or swap.

20 minimum; 30 maximum

Cost: $58 (PUBLIC); $48 (TACA members) (inc gst)
Includes: afternoon tea

Please note: Full payment is required to ensure a place.


Payment is required to ensure a place at the event.
Payment is refunded in full if TACA cancels the event.
90% of your payment is refunded if you cancel up to 2 weeks before the event.
PLEASE NOTE: There is no refund if you cancel within 2 weeks of the event, unless we can fill your place from a waiting list and then 90% of your payment is refunded.

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