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On behalf of the Tuckson family we are letting you know that Margaret Tuckson's collection (around 200 pieces) is being sold and money raised is being donated to charity

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Hi everyone. I have a Skutt electric kiln and I'm wondering if it's okay to fire different materials in there for example slip dipped fabric and leaves?

Some of the slip dipped fabric has small metal buttons, is it okay for these to fire also? Just bisque at this stage.

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I've only just joined the group recently (Hi y'all), which is silly because I've been working with clay for over 25 years and should have done it some time ago. I live in Inverloch which is a small country town but recently my ceramic sculpture have really taken off and it's time for me to get my work out into the big world. Does anyone have any suggestions for ceramic or sculpture exhibitions in Victoria that are worth exhibiting in? Most of my work ranges from $1000 to $5000 so definitely more the 'art' end of the scale than the 'craft' end. Thanks, I'm very appreciative of the group and have enjoyed reading back through all the older posts. ... See MoreSee Less

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Like to open your studio as part of our national event?

Before we are overrun with spring fairs, we will warm our studios (for those down south), open the doors and welcome the locals in to see what we make. Whether you have a newly established or well-known studio, if you are an inner city group, a regional potter or in the suburbs, everyone is welcome to apply.

This will be TACA's 5th national open studio event. In 2016, 145 studios opened their doors around the country – mostly individual potters in their studios, but also lots of groups and potters sharing studios with other potters. Gather together some local potters and share a space, or set up a local trail in your area. We will guide you by showing how others have done this in past years.

Go to this link to read all about this amazing event!
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