TACA Board met on Wednesday 5 February 2020 at TACA Office, Alexandria, NSW.

The recent summer of devastating heat, intense and extensive bushfires, and then flooding, has impacted everyone, most crucially those who lost houses and work spaces. Through this stressful time TACA provided a hub for keeping the Australian ceramics community up-to-date with news, to connect and support each other, and to share links to fundraising opportunities for potters with significant losses. The Board thanks Vicki Grima for her efforts during what is usually the Xmas and New Year shut down. TACA donated 8 Australian Ceramics Online Masterclasses to Clay for Australia, a fundraiser (organised by Vipoo Srivilasa) for Australian potters which raised over $49,000. On behalf of TACA, I would like to acknowledge all who have suffered and express my admiration for the strength and care shown by the ceramics community.

See our website page for links to ongoing fundraisers and upcoming events.