Expressions of Interest are due 1 July 2020.

The Board of The Australian Ceramics Association (TACA) is seeking Expressions of Interest from groups and/or organisations to host the Australian Ceramics Triennale (ACT) in 2025.

Expressions of Interest are accepted from ceramic artists, makers, organisations and communities that form a planning group, or from organisations, educational institutions, museums and/or galleries. Groups or organisations can be state or region-based.

TACA supports the holding of the Australian Ceramics Triennale, a national conference held every three years in a different location around Australia. To help organisations and groups run the Triennale, TACA has set up a not-for-profit company to provide support and an ongoing legal entity under which to run the event. TACA manages a seed fund to assist the successful applicants to begin planning the Triennale. This fund was passed to TACA after the success of the NSW Triennale in 2009.

Board and Committees:
ACT Ltd was set up in 2016 as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee as a legal entity in which to manage the Australian Ceramics Triennale. The ACT Ltd Board consists of 3 Directors from the TACA Board and 2 Directors from the successful organisation or its representatives. The Director’s positions are voluntary and the role of the ACT Ltd Board is to oversee the fiscal management of the Triennale and to offer support and advice to the Triennale Committee.

The successful Group or Organisation establishes the Triennale Committee (consisting of representatives from local partners and stakeholders) to help plan, implement and manage the Triennale.

The aims of the Australian Ceramics Triennale are to:
• advance culture in the area of ceramics;
• foster a lively, engaged ceramics community throughout Australia;
• bring together ceramic artists, educators, theorists and collectors from around Australia and the world;
• interrogate the field of contemporary ceramic practice;
• advocate for excellence in ceramics education and training; and
• provide opportunities for members of the Australian community to recognise, experience and value ceramics in their daily lives.

The benefits to the planning group or organisation, and to the state or region:
• a focus on the ceramic scene in that state/region;
• empowerment of local ceramic makers and the ceramics community;
• opportunities for local makers to present, exhibit and hold projects; and
• the event draws visitors to the state or region.

Support offered by TACA:
TACA offers a range of sustained support to the successful group or organisation and includes:
• The legal entity Australian Ceramics Triennale Ltd (ACT Ltd) under which to run the Triennale;
• Access to DGR Status to assist with attracting grants and donations;
• Providing a Seed Fund Loan to assist with the initial planning expenses of the Triennale;
• Provides Volunteer and Public Liability insurance;
• Provides the ACT website – domain registration, web hosting and emails;
• Provides ACT Facebook and Instagram account, which has followers and activity from previous ACT events;
• Provides 4 pages of free advertising in the JAC in the 3 issues of the 12 months leading up to the ACT;
• Feature the Triennale program on TACA social media;
• Free access to TACA Board Directors to host/moderate Triennale events; and
• Give access to documentation from previous Triennale events, where possible.

Delivery of the Triennale:
The successful applicant must plan, implement and manage all aspects (including financial) of the Australian Ceramics Triennale, including:
• venue/s for presentations, demonstrations and activities;
• program of speakers, events, demonstrations and exhibitions (usually held over 3-4 days);
• obtain funding required to deliver the Triennale through applications to various funding bodies;
• understanding this is a three-year planning project, and requires dedicated administrative staff to deliver the Triennale;
• establish and manage a Triennale planning committee comprising of 6 to 10 people drawn from their local networks and stakeholders;
• call for and manage Triennale event volunteers;
• develop partnerships and garner support from educational institutions, key organisations, museums, galleries and ceramic organisations; and
• preparing a 3-year delivery plan with timelines.

Selection Criteria:
• Preparation of a 3-year delivery plan with time-lines
• Projected budget (budget template is available) indicating potential funding sources
• Partnerships
• Overarching ideas and themes

Your EOI submission must include:
1. A list of people who are submitting this EOI – names, contact details, and the organisation/institution they are affiliated with (if applicable)
2. Your ideas for a possible venue/s
3. Your ideas for the event
4. Projected budget
5. A 3-year delivery plan with time-lines

To submit your Expression of Interest:
Subject: EOI Australian Ceramics Triennale 2025

For more information and/or discuss your submission, please contact Vicki Grima, Executive Officer, T: 1300 720 124; E: