Powerhouse Museum Theatrette, Floor 2, 500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007

CHAIR: Dr Cathy Franzi


Cathy Franzi, Avi Amesbury, Amanda Bromfield, Kate Jones, Vicki Grima, Dennis Woollam, Montessa Maack, John Dermer, Elisabeth Johnson, Sue Buckle, Gillian Hodes, Svetlana Panov, Sean Jackson, Tania Rollond, Melanie Jayne Hearn, Tony Schlosser, Alana Wilson, Iona Currie, Mike Hall, Jacqueline McBeath, Godelieve Mols, Ri Van Veen, Helen Earl, Nicola Coady, Sandy Jacka, Toni Warburton, Karen Weiss (along with a few more who didn’t sign in)


Holly Macdonald, Lou McCallum, Greg Crowe, Cher Shackleton, Poppe Davis, Alistair Whyte, Ursula Burgoyne, Judy Boydell, Jo Wood & Barry Jackson.

Chair: there being more than 7 members present, I declare a quorum and the meeting open at 2.10pm


Motion: that the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting 21 October 2018 be accepted as an accurate record of that meeting.
Proposed: Avi Amesbury; seconded: Amanda Bromfield; all in favour.




Dennis Woollam (auditor) presented the Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2019 (please email if you’d like a copy).
The profit of $32,120 is a positive result for TACA. The Online Masterclasses were a good initiative and have, so far, been profitable. It is hoped they will remain viable into the future. TACA’s engagement with social media is impressive, and keeps TACA connected with the wider community, one of the reasons for membership growth.
Motion: that the audited financial statements for the financial year ended 30 June 2019 be accepted.
Proposed: Kate Jones; seconded: Amanda Bromfield; all in favour.



It feels like it’s been a big year – again – for The Australian Ceramics Association, in this my second year as President.

Before I talk about the activities and achievements of TACA, I would like to pay tribute to members of our Australian ceramics community who we have lost in the past year. In particular, I would like to acknowledge the contribution made to our field by the following people who worked throughout their lives with a passion for ceramics.

Janet Barriskill, a maker and writer, her book ‘Visiting the Mino Kilns’ included her translation of an essay by Japanese potter Arakawa Toyozo.
Dr Robert Bell OAM, who worked in the museum and gallery sector for over 50 years and amongst many achievements was the Senior Curator of Decorative Arts and Design at the National Gallery of Australia. His Order of Australia was given in recognition of his services to craft, design and museums.
John Bosco Tipiloura, potter, role model and co-founder of the Tiwi Pottery on Bathurst Island. He was instrumental in the formation of the Remote Communities Ceramic Network.
Helen Gulliver, a studio potter and teacher of ceramics at Meadowbank Technical College in Northern Sydney in the 1970s.
Geoff Hill from Western Australia who with his expertise in engineering founded and produced Venco pottery wheels and pug mills.
Kathryn King, a maker and PhD candidate in NSW.
Mike Kusnik OAM, from Western Australia whose vast technical knowledge helped many potters. His OAM was awarded for his expertise and service to the ceramics industry.
Milton Moon AM, a potter for over 60 years and former Head of Ceramics at the South Australian School of Art. He had many achievements and received numerous awards including Member of the Order of Australia and a five-year Creative Fellowship from the Australian Government.
Derek Smith, ceramic designer, potter and teacher at the Tasmanian School of Art. He established by invitation a craft studio pottery within Royal Doulton in their Sydney factory in 1973 and established Blackfriars Pottery in Chippendale, NSW.
Suzanne Startin, a maker and teacher for many years, later establishing St Alban’s Gallery in the Hunter Valley NSW.
Norma Wilson, who worked into her 80s at Potters Equipment in Ringwood, Victoria supporting and helping local potters.

Goodbye to you all and thank you, we build from your contributions.

The Australian Ceramics Association is the heart of the Australian ceramics community and reaches out in a multitude of ways to provide services, to create national connections and to communicate the diversity and strength of Australian ceramics. This is achieved through the extraordinary effort of our staff. Thank you, Vicki Grima, for your expert management and vast knowledge as Executive Officer and Editor of The Journal of Australian Ceramics. You certainly have your finger on the pulse of Australian ceramics and the organisation benefits enormously from your dedication and commitment. Thank you Montessa Maack and Rachael Rigg for your enthusiastic effort and diligent work in TACA’s office. Thank you also to the people that contribute contractual expertise to the organisation, Bridie Moran (JAC Editorial Assistant), Carol Fraczek (Advertising Manager), Astrid Wehling (graphic design), Dennis Woollam (Accountant and Auditor), Miriam Alexander (website) and Suzanne Dean (Proofreader).

This year we have undertaken all our regular activities and services including 3 issues of The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Australian Ceramic Open Studios, Series 2 of the Australian Ceramics Online Masterclasses and the launch of the Journal in three locations around Australia. TACA has continued to facilitate connections across the ceramics community in a number of ways – our two websites, provides information about what we do and provides a directory of makers, suppliers, societies, educational institutions, galleries and more. Touch Clay Weekly delivers a list of ceramic activities to every member each Monday and we maintain a very strong social media presence.

In addition to our regular activities we enjoyed The 15th Australian Ceramics Triennale held in May 2019 in Tasmania – and it was a great success. TACA assisted through seed funding, and with representation on the Australian Ceramics Triennale Ltd Board which mentors and supports the local Triennale organisers. Thank you to Lou McCallum, Shannon Garson, Vicki Grima and Serena Rosevear for volunteering to be on the ACT Ltd Board. We also acknowledge the foundation work done by Bronwyn Clarke who was on the ACT Ltd Board until October 2018. Vicki also stepped in as ACT Chair, a volunteer position, in October 2018 to assist the local Tasmanian committee, thank you very much. And thank you to the local organising committee, Serena Rosevear, Dee Taylor-Graham and Nanna Bayer. It was magnificent! We are very excited that the next Triennale will be in Alice Springs, Northern Territory in 2022 and planning is well under way.

TACA initiates a major exhibition approximately every two years, contributing to the public awareness of Australian ceramics. This year we held MANIFEST, our members’ exhibition during the Australian Ceramics Triennale. A highlight of the exhibition program, it was curated by Damon Moon with an innovative installation. Congratulations to Damon and the 19 exhibiting artists. CERAMIX is our next exhibition at Manly Art Gallery & Museum in 2020 with guest curator Sophia Cai and a cross-disciplinary collaborative theme.

The role of the Board of The Australian Ceramics Association is to advance strategic planning and the development of the organisation, ensuring good governance and fiscal management. We have worked hard this year on a new strategic plan, from the initial planning day in February to it now nearing completion. It will be made public and available on our association website soon. We have identified five goals with objectives and actions to work on in the next three years. These goals were developed from the aims of the organisation as outlined in the constitution and from areas in which where we see opportunities to strengthen TACA.

Goal 1 is to strengthen TACA’s standing as the peak body for ceramics in Australia.
Goal 2 is to foster and develop TACA services to members.
Goal 3 is to provide opportunities for the general public to recognise, experience and value ceramics in their daily lives.
Goal 4 is to build and expand the ways in which TACA provides educational content
Goal 5 is to further strengthen TACA’s operations and governance.

We have begun preliminary work to achieve these goals already.

I would like to thank my fellow Board Directors, Holly Macdonald, Greg Crowe, Avi Amesbury, Amanda Bromfield, Lou McCallum and Kate Jones. It is fascinating to have Directors from around Australia bringing in local knowledge from each region. Lou resigned at our August 2019 meeting after 4 years of tireless contribution particularly in his most recent role (2017-2019) as Treasurer and Director on the Board of the Australian Ceramics Triennale Ltd. Thank you too to Greg Crowe who is not renominating after his 3-year term on the Board. We greatly appreciate Avi Amesbury’s skill as our new Treasurer.

Most importantly I wish to thank the members of TACA. You are the reason we are doing this, and with your support we can do it. The Australian ceramics community is vibrant and exciting – the pots and artwork, the exhibitions, the conversations and writing, the studios, the teaching spaces, the competitions, the galleries, the societies, the people. We aim to ensure its continuing strength.

To finish I w