TACA Board met on Wednesday 19 June 2019 at TACA office, Alexandria (Sydney), NSW.

The Board had its first meeting since our Strategic Planning Day in February and the Australian Ceramics Triennale in Hobart. Congratulations to the ACT Board and the Tasmanian Triennale Committee for a highly successful event.

The next launch of The Journal of Australian Ceramics is in Brisbane on Sunday 21 July and organisation is well underway. Editor and EO Vicki Grima and Board Director Amanda Bromfield will manage the event at Brisbane Art Institute, assisted by Ceramics Arts Queensland. At the time of the meeting, layout of The JAC July issue was taking place.

Series 2 of the Australian Ceramic Online Masterclasses has been filmed and edited and due for release in early July 2019. Preparation is underway for Series 3 (in 2020) which will focus on Victorian artists.

The Board has reviewed conflict of interest for Directors involved in TACA activities. As decided at the previous meeting, Directors will be ineligible to apply for TACA’s Members’ exhibitions due to direct involvement in the exhibition decision-making. A Director can have an article in The JAC if considered appropriate by the Editor, noting that Board members are not involved in any decision-making for JAC articles or features. A TACA Board Director cannot be featured on the cover of The JAC.

The Treasurer’s Report was tabled.

Australian Ceramics Open Studios 2019 has received approximately 170 studio registrations for the national August event, and an Australia-wide map is currently being printed for distribution.

The Australian Ceramics Triennale 2019 is being wrapped up with financial reports and survey information coming in. Lou McCallum and Barbara Campbell-Allen assisted sound recordist Michael Vandiver to make a series of podcasts interviews with artists during the Triennale. They will be published soon.
Bron Field, from the Alice Spring Triennale Committee, has secured further funding for the 2022 Triennale in Alice Springs and has proposed possible dates and venues.

TACA Members’ Exhibition: MANIFEST was a great success, however it was acknowledged that the infrastructure needed to set up an exhibition in such a venue was expensive.
Progress is underway for the next exhibition, CERAMIX, at Manly Art Gallery & Museum in 2020. The curator Sophia Cai has made contact with the artists and is arranging studio visits where possible.
The Board is currently reviewing the plan for TACA Members’ Exhibitions and their decisions will be announced shortly.

The AGM will be held in late September and two Board Directors will be retiring. The Board is seeking nominations from members with promotion and marketing skills.

The Board is working through the Strategic Plan document to finalise and prioritise our goals. One goal is to further our documentation of policies and procedures and, in line with the TACA Constitution, it was agreed to employ Avi Amesbury to fulfil this task as she is highly skilled in this area (Note: Avi Amesbury left the room for this discussion and decision). She will be employed on a short-term contract basis. Further updates on the Strategic Plan will be publicised shortly.

The next Board meeting will be on Sunday 4 August at 11am in the TACA office at 32 Bowden St, Alexandria NSW

Dr Cathy Franzi
President TACA

We welcome these new TACA members who joined between 20 March and 30 June 2019:
Nettie Sumner, Melissa McElhone, Michelle James / Kingston Arts, Kris Lyon, Melody Brunton, Dianne Mangan, Chris Dunn, Katie Cook, Taylor McGregor, Colin Jefferson, Kiara College, Anna-Lena Schenck, Natalie Heriot, Tim Holmes, Sarah Guthridge, Jeni Jobe, Maximillian McAuley, Brian Wood, Ann Knights, Sue Chehab, Central Craft, Jane McCulla, Judith Angel, Adelaide Hills Ceramics Association, Virginia Gorton, Nicole Adams, Rita Brooks, Nik Jacometti, Jane Bamford, Sally Smith, Desiree Kenafake, Helen Dundo, Penelope Metter, Petrina Slaytor, Nevena Zakhariev, Yuhana Nashmi, Richard Peyton, Phoebe Kretschmer, Esther Shelley, Shira Ash, Alison Cooper, Nikki Collins, Hong Vo, Kerrie Browning, Steve Allen, Svetlana Panov, Hugh Black, Lisa Davies, Yui Phunseau, Simon Suckling, Grace Panjari, Alicia McVilly, Lucinda Hawkins, Bondi Clay, Dean Millsom, Crystal Morrissey, Sue Harrison, Jacqueline Clayton and Mari McGuire.

TACA BOARD 2018/2019
Avi Amesbury, NSW – South Coast; www.aviamesbury.com
Amanda Bromfield, NSW – North Coast & Sydney; http://amandabromfield.com
Greg Crowe, NSW & WA; www.australianceramicscommunity.com/listing/greg-crowe-2/
Cathy Franzi (President) ACT; www.cathyfranzi.com
Kate Jones, VIC; https://soca.com.au/about/
Holly Macdonald, NSW & VIC; www.holly-macdonald.com
Lou McCallum, NSW – Sydney & South Coast; http://lmcpotter.blogspot.com/

Secretary: Vicki Grima
Executive Officer: Vicki Grima
Auditor: Dennis Woollam

TACA’s next Annual General Meeting will be held in September/October 2019.

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