TACA Board met on Friday 22 February 2019 at Director Lou McCallum’s home in Bermagui, NSW.

This Board meeting was held the day before our Strategic Planning Day facilitated by Helen O’Neill. Our strategic plan will be ready shortly.

TACA office has been busy with organisational preparation for MANIFEST including the 32-page catalogue in The Journal of Australian Ceramics, April 2019. The JAC will be another 160-page issue and will be given free to all delegates at the Australian Ceramics Triennale in Tasmania, 1–4 May.

The Board has been recently been focussing on governance, policies and procedures. To avoid any conflicts of interest, a decision was made that TACA Directors are not eligible to apply for TACA exhibitions. Clarification was sought on our legal requirements to our TACA members as a not-for-profit company through ArtsLaw and NAVA. Justice Connect was recommended as an organisation that offers legal help for community organisations, including webinars on managing conflicts and disputes.

Planning is underway for the 2019 JAC launches – the April issue will be launched in Hobart at the opening of TACA’s Manifest exhibition on Wednesday 1 May; our July issue will be launched at the Brisbane Institute of Art (with Ceramic Arts QLD hosting) and plans are progressing on the November launch.

A Project Manager was selected from a strong field of applicants to oversee the 2019 Australian Ceramics Online Masterclasses. Charmaine Robbins, from regional Victoria, will be working with four South Australian ceramic artists in April 2019, along with a filmmaker from Adelaide.

Guest curator, Sophia Cai and Senior Curator, Katherine Roberts, from Manly Art Gallery & Museum, selected the artists for the 2020 TACA exhibition.

A call for Expressions of Interest for a ceramics community to hold the Australian Ceramics Triennale in 2022 was made public in September 2018. The announcement of the host will be made at the 2019 Triennale on 4 May 2019.

Excitement is building for The Australian Ceramics Triennale Tasmania in May. It will be an extraordinary event and we hope to see you there.

The next Board meeting is on Wednesday 19 June 2019 from 6–9 pm at TACA office.

Dr Cathy Franzi

We welcomed these 78 new TACA members from 14 December 2018 to 19 March 2019:
Francene Young, Maricelle Olivier, Sam Gold, Jimin Hong, Connie Cook, Catherine Lacey, Christine Hoggard, Louise Kyriakou, Rebecca Burman, Andrew Taylor, Sandy Jacka, Tamara Southee, Tracy Smith, Hye Youn Shin, Myfanwy Gullifer, Hannah Vorrath-Pajak, Melinda Brouwer, Andrew Tremain, Marg McNeil-Alexandra, Meegan Zen, Julie Nash, Minaal Lawn, Nerida Patton, Andy Totman, Jennifer Newton, Suzanne Davey / Tramshed Potters Club, Sally Mills, Paul Wyatt, Lois Kwan, Debra McLaren, Alan Whitmore, Anita Stewart, Julie Smeros, Gokul Karthikeyan, Bendigo Pottery, Carol McGilvery, Lisa Wiley-Strong, Simone Cole, Elizabeth George, Bev McGarn, Cassandra Chilton, Julie Burleigh, Jenny Wong, Sasha McCrindle, Araceli Adams, Franz Schroedl, Eloise White, Jackie Brooks, Kim Seckold, Lindsey Chandler, Britt Neech, Chrystie Longworth, Kassandra Bossell, Debbie Watson, Sarah Dowling, Elizabeth Macqueen, Gemma Gale, Kimberley Shrives, Carolyn Shrives, Karima Baadilla, Chloe Killen, Esther Sandler, David Ray, Kirsten Perry, Morgan Carson, Alan Constable, Maram Hassan Al-Zaidi, Arun Sharma, Glenda Killingsworth, Danielle Segal, Tim Goodman, Angela O’Connell, Anni Hagberg, Gillian Orton, Andrea Shilling, Beverley McMahon, Lotte Schwerdtfeger and Ettalong Beach Arts & Crafts Centre.

TACA BOARD 2018/2019

Avi Amesbury, NSW – South Coast; www.aviamesbury.com
Amanda Bromfield, NSW – North Coast & Sydney; http://amandabromfield.com
Greg Crowe, NSW & WA; www.australianceramicscommunity.com/listing/greg-crowe-2/
Cathy Franzi (President) ACT; www.cathyfranzi.com
Kate Jones, VIC; https://soca.com.au/about/
Holly Macdonald, NSW & VIC;