Deadline for Proposals: 1 March 2019, 11.59pm AEST

The Australian Ceramics Association Exhibition 2020
Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Sydney NSW
Guest Curator: Sophia Cai


CERAMIX is an exhibition that invites ceramic-based artists to work in collaboration with invited artists of their choice, working in other mediums, to create new works.

By pairing ceramics with non-ceramics practices, CERAMIX will seek to explore the potential outcomes from cross-disciplinary collaboration and dialogue with a focus on experimentation. Moving beyond medium-specificity, CERAMIX will focus on the open possibilities of clay as a starting point for making work.

CERAMIX will be presented at Manly Art Gallery & Museum (Sydney, NSW) in May 2020, and will be accompanied by an exhibition catalogue published in The Journal of Australian Ceramics.

Ceramic artists and potters are invited to apply, together with an artist of their choice working in any medium, to make a new collaborative work or works.

The resulting collaborative work/s do not necessarily need to take the physical form of ceramics, but must make some reference to ceramics in theme or idea. (e.g. video about ceramics, performance about ceramics)

The final work(s) exhibited could take the form of one combined work made together, or two or more works that ‘speak’ directly to one another. Artists are encouraged to think of their final outcome as a cohesive installation. Size restrictions may apply.

The curator encourages applications from artists working at all stages of their career. Applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and culturally diverse artists are encouraged.

Note: The ceramic artist/potter needs to be a TACA member at the time this proposal is submitted, through to the time of the 2020 exhibition. The collaborative artist does not need to be a TACA member.

All applications will be considered on the strength of the collaborative potential. Up to 12 collaborative pairs will be invited to exhibit in the exhibition in 2020.

Successful applications will receive funding support from TACA and Manly Art Gallery & Museum, as well as support from the exhibition curator in the development of their work.

Proposals should include the following saved as a single PDF document:
*  Cover Page listing the name, contact email, phone number and contact address of both artists. Please
nominate the a