Q&A Online Masterclasses

1. Will I be able to learn this new technique online if I only have basic experience?
Each class will guide you step-by-step on each technique in a very accessible fashion. It is recommended that you have some experience in working with clay including a basic understanding of fundamental techniques. No information about basic ceramic techniques will be provided, but if you are willing to research fundamentals on your own then you will find the online courses motivating and insightful.

2. How is each masterclass structured?
Each masterclass (online course) consists of three lessons. Each lesson is a 15–50 minute instructive video for a project that covers the techniques involved. Along with the lesson videos, students can download PDF sheets – Materials List, Project Sheet and sometimes other information such as glaze recipes. If you take part in the webinar (interactive session) you can also receive valuable feedback from your masterclass instructor.

3. What is a webinar?
A webinar is a live video broadcast incorporated directly into your course as a live event. You will use your computer’s webcam to live-stream video directly to anyone enrolled in your course and on the event page.

4. Can I watch the lessons according to my own schedule?
Initially, we plan to release one masterclass per month, for four months. Each lesson will be released on a Monday for the week ahead, ie one per week for three consecutive Mondays. You can access each lesson after it is released, whenever you like. The webinar will be scheduled for a 2-hour session at some time in the 4th week of the masterclass. Look for the webinar date when you enrol.

5. What can I expect to get from this masterclass?
*  Three projects designed to develop the techniques outlined in each of the three lessons
*   Development of your skill base
*   Videos of the artists sharing their techniques and tips
*   Optional group feedback and question time via the webinar (live video conference)

6. Will I be able to be contact my other virtual classmates?
The masterclasses are conducted using an online platform called Ruzuku. As a student you will establish a profile when you register. You will then be able to see and contact others who have registered for your masterclass.

7. What happens if I don’t get the opportunity to ask a question or I think of a question after the webinar session?
We encourage individuals enrolled in the masterclass to write down any questions you have on the (downloadable) project sheet, so that you are prepared for the webinar session. The instructors are only in attendance for the 2-hour webinar session. Outside of the webinar session, you could ask questions of your fellow students within the Ruzuku platform. All discussion threads, including pictures posted and responses, are viewable by any student.

8. Will I get direct feedback if I am experiencing difficulty with one of my projects?
Students can submit questions, and during the webinar session instructors will review these questions.

9. What happens if I do not get my project finished in time for the webinar session?
It is up to individual members to manage time to have the project complete. However, if individual circumstances prevent this from occurring, a review of your work in progress is still possible.

10. How long will I get to complete a project?
In our initial release of the masterclasses, each of the three lessons is released on a Monday. In the fourth week, the webinar will take place. It will be best if the three projects are completed by that time of the webinar. Students can also move through the lessons at their own pace.

11. Do you offer refunds?
There are no refunds once you sign up, so please be sure you can take the masterclass BEFORE you sign up.

12. If I get sick and am unable to continue with the classes, can I get a refund?
Exceptional circumstances can be submitted to The Australian Ceramics Association on an individual basis.

13. Can I download the videos?
No, the videos are not downloadable. You will have access to the course and the videos for six months after the masterclass ends.

14. How long does the masterclass stay open after the webinar?
Students can access the course content for six months after the masterclass ends. You will be able to go back and review older lessons and activities, even if the course has officially ended.

15. Do I need to have access to a fully equipped ceramic studio to take this class?
It is recommended that you have access to a studio to work in while learning in order to get the most out of the e-course. If you are unsure of the facilities available in your area, join the Australian Ceramics Forum on Facebook, as it is a good resource with members located nation-wide.

16. What happens if I do not wish to ask a question in a group situation?
You can choose not to participate in the webinar (live interactive session). You also have the option to create an anonymous profile in the Ruzuku platform where the masterclass is conducted. We encourage everyone to actively participate, as group feedback is a great way to help and often someone will be experiencing similar difficulties. The webinar will be moderated by a TACA member to ensure respectful behaviour is followed.

17. Why can’t I just take the masterclass at anytime and/or without the webinar?
The benefit of the Masterclasses following a scheduled timetable (which includes the webinar) is to enable participants to connect with each other during the month of the online class. TACA’s plan is to run this 4-course Masterclass program again in the first half of 2019. We are considering making the masterclasses available at any time, without the webinar option, but this decision will be made at the end of 2018, after this first round of scheduled workshops.

18. I have some questions about the course. Who can I contact?
If you cannot find the answer to your question in Ruzuku, please contact The Australian Ceramics Association via email, mail@australianceramics.com; SUBJECT: I have a RUZUKU question.

19. How long are the video lessons? 
Each masterclass is comprised of three lessons that run for 15–50 minutes and each lesson offers a project designed to develop skills on the techniques covered in that lesson.

20. Can I give a masterclass as a gift? 

21. Do I need to live in Australia to enrol in your masterclass?
No, anyone can take the class.

22. If I cannot be available for the live webinar component, can I watch the webinar later?
Yes, a recording of the webinar (the first 90 minutes) will be available to view after the event.

PLEASE NOTE: This is our inaugural release and we still have our learner-wheels on. If you notice a glitch please send us an email to mail@australianceramics.com.

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