All 8 online masterclasses (Series 1 & 2) are now available as OPEN ACCESS only. 
As of 1 December 2019, there are no scheduled online masterclasses available. TACA hopes to release Series 3 in mid-2020.

1. Will I be able to learn this new technique online if I only have basic experience?
Each class will guide you step-by-step on each technique in a very accessible fashion. It is recommended that you have some experience in working with clay, including a basic understanding of fundamental techniques. No information about basic ceramic techniques will be provided, but if you are willing to research fundamentals on your own then you will find the online courses motivating and insightful.

2. How is each masterclass structured?
Each masterclass (online course) consists of three lessons. Each lesson is a 15–50 minute instructive video, with a project that covers the techniques involved. Along with the lesson videos, students can download PDF sheets – Materials List, Project Sheet and sometimes other information such as glaze recipes.
SCHEDULED: If you take part in the webinar (interactive session) you can also receive valuable feedback from your masterclass instructor and interact with other participants.
OPEN ACCESS: webinars are not included in an Open Access Masterclasses.

3. What is a webinar?
A webinar is a live video broadcast incorporated directly into your course as a live event. Your tutor will live-stream video via the event page, to anyone logged in to your course. You can log in to ask questions via a chat line.
NOTE: There is no webinar in OPEN ACCESS Masterclasses.

4. Can I watch the lessons according to my own schedule?
SCHEDULED MASTERCLASSES: Initially, we release one masterclass per month, for four months. Each lesson will be released on a Monday for the week ahead, ie one per week for three consecutive Mondays. You can access each lesson after it is released, whenever you like, as often as you like. The webinar is scheduled for a 90-minute session at some time in the 4th week of the masterclass. Look for the webinar date when you enrol.
OPEN ACCESS: There is no scheduled release. All of the course material is available to you straight away.

5. What can I expect to get from this masterclass?
*  Three projects designed to develop the techniques outlined in each of the three lessons
*   Development of your skill base
*   Videos of the artists in their own studios sharing their techniques and tips
SCHEDULED MASTERCLASSES: Group feedback is available via email discussion (during the scheduled 4 weeks) and question time via the webinar (live video conference).
OPEN ACCESS: there is no webinar, group or tutor feedback.

6. Will I be able to be contact my other virtual classmates?
The masterclasses are conducted using an online platform called Ruzuku. As a student you will establish a profile when you register. You will then be able to see and contact others who have registered for your masterclass.
OPEN ACCESS: there is no group or tutor feedback.

7. What happens if I do