Watters Gallery, 16 August – 2 September 2017

Opening Speech: Grace Cochrane AM – curator, writer, historian

Tonight is also the launch of Steve Harrison’s book: 5 Stones – A Ceramic Journey; My sericite travels, the narrow road to the deep white north; A 15-year exploration, 2002 to 2017

Congratulations Steve, for pulling together the results of this very impressive 15-year exploration of porcelain, a valuable part of your 40-year career. And also to Janine, who has been with him all the way, and to Watters Gallery for their support of so many artists over their half-century history.

As you can see this exhibition of porcelain bowls is accompanied by a publication that provides a very detailed background to what they mean – to Steve, to porcelain history and to us.

Steve has been investigating the origins of porcelain, specifically that made in the very few places in the world using this particular variety: what he calls single-stone, hard-paste, native porcelains: clay made from one source only, and used in the locality where it is found. This centres round a rock called serec