Being involved with TACA continues to be a wonderful, enriching experience. TACA is full of energetic, intelligent, fascinating, and talented people and being involved with the Board has given me the opportunity to meet artists and ceramic collectors and enthusiasts all over Australia. It has changed my life and encouraged me to look further and deeper into the field of contemporary Australian ceramics. I’m so grateful to all the Board Members present and past who have worked to build up this organsation and cared for it so deeply.

Online courses
I’ve put together a proposal for the online courses we talked about getting up and running. This is the first iteration and I am writing an EOI for tutors. It is important that we use this as an opportunity to promote the organisation and the individuals. The best online courses really manage to convey the personality of the teacher through the lesson. I have researched the platforms available for online courses and I have one to recommend going with. If this goes really well we could do a second filming in a year or so in another city and fly people to it.

Fair pay for Artists
NAVA report:
This makes depressing reading as the report written about the Brisbane Round Table on Fair Pay for artists is dominated by arts bureaucrats who seem to think that in order to exhibit artists should accept working for a lower pay rate.
“ … those running art spaces spoke of the difficulty they saw of having to choose between meeting the best practice standards for our industry by paying fees and superannuation thus increasing the cost of staging a show, or not paying and giving more artists the opportunity to exhibit their work and be seen by audiences.”

We are all familiar with this attitude but TACA does not support artists working for other organisations where everyone is getting paid, like councils and regional galleries for ‘exposure’ or ‘publicity’ (ie for free). Professional arts bodies need to pay professionals for the work they do. There may be some kind of in-kind agreement but this should never be used to pressure artists to accept below industry standards of pay. TACA will support any of our members in frank discussions with hiring bodies if they need assistance.

Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art 
I noticed that the collection of contemporary Australian and QLD ceramics at QAGOMA is displayed just near the toilets and encompasses a widely scattered variety without a lot of context. This is not just a problem at the QLD Art Gallery, but also in state galleries and collections all around Australia. I propose that TACA work with these galleries on showcasing Australian contemporary ceramics more strongly within their collections and within the exhibition program. There are so many great artists working in the field and the exhibitions I have been involved in curating and exhibiting in have a wide and lively audience. I urge all TACA members to engage with galleries about their ceramics collections and exhibition program, write to