Some INSTAGRAM notes from TACA’S OFFICE OPEN DAY, 29 April 2017

by Vicki Grima

Think about your Instagram account name

Create account

Check out what others are posting and then decide how you want your feed to look – calm, colourful, busy, narrative, black & white …

Decide what you want your feed to be about – process, work, you, family, everything or one thing

Don’t get hung up on Likes … be true to what you’re good at

Use natural light if possible – early morning, late afternoon, overcast days, no full sun!

Frame the picture … try the grid feature on your iPhone

Choose a point of interest and focus

Tell a story – think about why you are posting and what you want to share

Check the background – get rid of distractions

Move around the object and shoot from different angles

Try different backgrounds – the ro