TACA’s first Board Meeting was held on Friday 21 October 2016
Square One Studios, Alexandria NSW

Firstly, we’d like to introduce our new TACA Board for 2016/2017:

President: Shannon Garson is a nationally acclaimed artist based in rural Queensland. She is known for her thrown porcelain vessels incorporating drawings of flora and endangered eco systems. In addition to her artwork Shannon also writes on contemporary craft and has extended her practice to curating nationally touring exhibitions. Shannon has a passionate interest in ceramics as a viable career pathway and creating opportunities for ceramicists at all levels of their career to work in the industry, exhibit and sell their work; http://shannongarsonporcelain.com.au.

Sharyn Brown is a studio potter exploring thrown and altered forms. The subtle undulating vessels are covered with layers of richly coloured glazes with clear references to the landscape. Sharyn is a recent graduate from ANU and is currently establishing her studio in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

Greg Crowe is an established potter from Perth, WA, now living in Sydney. He is well known for his stoneware which is woodfired and salt-glazed. Greg was a TAFE Lecturer for 25 years, President of Ceramic Arts Association of WA for approx. 9 years. He has run workshops and lectured in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Europe and Japan. His work is held in various collections, including state galleries.

Holly Macdonald is an emerging ceramic artist based in Sydney, with her studio at kil.n.it. Her practice combines drawing and handbuilding in clay to investigate the uncertain nature of perception. She completed her BFA (Ceramics) at the National Art School Sydney in 2014; https://www.instagram.com/h_ollymacdonald/

Lou McCallum is a Sydney and NSW South Coast-based potter working in groggy clays and dry glazes. Lou runs a studio/shop, Made Local, in Marrickville; https://www.facebook.com/Made.Local.Studio/

Secretary: Vicki Grima is a Sydney artist and a maker of small pinch pots. Her ceramic practice is squeezed between her positions as Editor of The Journal of Australian Ceramics (JAC) and Executive Officer of The Australian Ceramics Association (TACA). As editor and EO she is in daily contact with the ceramics community nationally and internationally, with a focus on representing the diversity of ceramics practice in Australia through The JAC and offering support to the sector via TACA’s membership services; www.vickigrima.com.au.

As this is the first meeting of the new Board, and as minutes of Board meetings will not be distributed to TACA members (as TACA committee meeting minutes were), there was discussion about how to share news with TACA members.
The decision was to share Board News via TOUCH CLAY WEEKLY, or in a separate enewsletter eg. News from the Board – what’s happening, future plans etc

TACA Board meetings will be held every two months (or as required) starting December 2016, at SQ1 Studios.

TACA’s AGM will be held in September 2017.

A budget for 2016/2017 was discussed in detail, with Sharyn Brown presenting a new format, refining detail to achieve clarity.

Discussion was held regarding ways to increase TACA’s income stream.

An exhibition plan was also considered for the next 5 years.
2014: The Course of Objects, Manly AG&M
2015: Triennale, Canberra
2016: OUSD, Manly AG&M
2017: (Smoke on the Water)
2018: (Gulgong); no Manly AG&M (Gerry Wedd’s touring exhibition is taking TACA’s place as TACA’s plan was to exhibit at the Triennale)
2019: Triennale, Tasmania
2020: Manly AG&M

Various options were discussed including online possibilities – one-off exhibition, single theme (cups, vases, plates, bowls), retail shop (choose different TACA members to feature each month/each quarter). Lots of things need to be considered – cost, time, staff, physical space required, location of pots, wholesale, consignment.

The Board agreed to set up several subcommittees – exhibitions, events (inc. ACOS) and member engagement.

Discussion ensued about how TACA can offer more workshops.

A decision was made to send out a TACA survey to members in the next month or two.

Clarification of contents  – minutes of TACA Committee July 2016:

The TACA Board would like to correct any misunderstanding that might have emerged from sections 4 and 10.3 of the Minutes of the previous TACA Committee circulated in July 2016 in relation to the Gulgong Conference.

The Minutes gave the impression that TACA had received an assurance from Bernadette Mansfield that Mansfield Ceramics would not schedule the next Gulgong Conference in 2018. This was incorrect. The assurance that TACA had received from Mansfield Ceramics was that:
“Mansfield Ceramics has no intention of organising a conference during a period when another ceramics conference is taking place in Australia. Irrespective of whether Clay Gulgong proceeds in 2018 or 2019, it won’t be scheduled to conflict with another national ceramics conference.”

TACA apologises to Bernadette Mansfield and Mansfield Ceramics for any confusion the interpretation in the original Minutes might have caused.

We welcomed these new TACA members in October and November 2016:

Robert Fuller, Bernard Kerr, Leah Elliott, Dani Salvo, Lucy Threlfo, Henrietta Farrelly-Barnett, Anne Langridge, Elaine Mulvogue, Viviane Martin, Karen Walker, Mel Lumb, Christine Johnston, Fiona Bradley and Cath Randell.