July 2016

The last few months have involved TACA setting up exciting projects for the future and working towards the Australian Ceramics Open Studios in August. OVERUNDERSIDEWAYSDOWN, the members’ exhibition at the Manly Art Gallery & Museum was an interesting, important and sometimes controversial exhibition for our organisation. I’m really glad we are able to use our projects across Australia to represent a very wide cross section of the ceramics community. The Manly AG&M members’ exhibition showcases diverse aspects of Australian ceramics relying on the taste of the curator and intellectual underpinning of exhibition rationale. With OVERUNDERSIDEWAYSDOWN we saw a particular strand of contemporary ceramics represented that has never been highlighted in a member’s exhibition before. Regardless of personal opinion I feel that as a national organisation with over 1000 members TACA must continue to push the boundaries of who is represented and showcase Australian ceramics in all its muddy diversity!

After many months of consultation with lawyers and the TACA Committee, TACA is able to present an updated constitution. This document is a simple contemporary, constitution and will enable TACA to continue representing the Australian ceramics community with a strong, legal constitution.

Vicki, Lou and I are heading to Tasmania in a week or so to meet with the community down there to discuss the Triennale. We are so excited to be involved in this. I’ve admired the Tasmanian ceramics community for ages and a Triennale is a perfect way to showcase local artists, local food and local wine (I’m very much looking forward to the showcasing!) Lou has set up a company called the Australian Ceramics Triennale and this makes it a more streamlined process to form a committee and run a national event. While we are down there we will be visiting Tasmanian artists and having a meeting on 30 July to assist those attending to make a decision regarding the hosting of the 2018 Australian Ceramics Triennale.

In the past month I had the wonderful opportunity to open the exhibition CUPPA: A Cup Survey at The Maker’s Gallery in Brisbane. Having a cup of tea is one of my favourite everyday activities and this survey included over 40 cups from makers across Australia. It is a gorgeous show and you can see more of it HERE.


cuppa screen shot 2

We welcomed these new TACA members in June and July 2016:
Catherine Drinan, Josephine Townsend, Virginia Arregui, Naoko Coghlan, Belmont Potters Group, Jacqueline Lewis, Jan Roebuck, Christy Pinkney, Laura Pascoe, Khoa Edgecombe, Vivienne Churchett, Donna Hill, Tea Tree Studio, Georgina Saunders, Yuso Lee, Thomas Hluchanic, Megan Patey, Teffany Thiedeman, Christina Mclean, Patricia Hi