January 2016

This President’s Report has an international focus as I am heading off to NCECA in Kansas City in March.  While I’m over there I’ll be demonstrating at NCECA and then travelling over to Diana Fayt’s studio in the Sierra Nevada mountains and holding a workshop. Are any TACA members heading over to NCECA this year?

Ben Carter recently featured a week of interviews with Australian ceramicists and artists. Ben is a fabulous international resource.  For Australia Week he interviewed Jane Sawyer, Kate Funn and Fiona Fell, Pepai and Milyika Carroll from the Ernabella Arts Centre and mixed media artist Nell. While we are looking at Australian ceramicists making a mark internationally … Tania Rollond is the cover girl of America’s ceramics magazine Ceramic Monthly for January 2016 and there is a beautiful article inside about her practice and new studio.


I recently spoke to some musician friends who told me about the Export and Market Development Grants offered by Austrade to help Australian businesses develop international markets to export their goods. I spoke to someone from Austrade and they were very encouraging about artists with small businesses applying for these grants. This is how they work:
•    You can apply for the grants for things like going overseas to find new galleries or network with institutions that may use your services or intellectual property.
•    The application is to be lodged online.
•    It doesn’t matter where you stay or what you eat. The per diem (rate per day) is set at $300.
•    As you are taken through the online form, Austrade doesn’t want individual receipts for accommodation, food etc. They just ask for proof of the number of days spent overseas.
•    The application for the grant is lodged from 1 July, applying for travel undertaken in the previous financial year.
•    The grant is 50% of eligible expenses ie. on a $15,000 grant that is $7500. The minimum amount that may be applied for is $15000. This includes the $300 per diem. If you go on a trip and only spend $12,000, maybe you should consider extending your trip slightly in order to be eligible for the grant.
You can find out more about these grants HERE.

I have been talking with Artisan in QLD about how we could form a partnership with the gallery that could build and strengthen TACA’s national network. Artisan has just set up a new demonstration/workshop space and has a great exhibition space. We will continue communicating with artisan about what TACA could bring to a partnership.

TACA has a new online resource online – Australian Ceramics Forum – a Facebook Group.

Vicki and I have formulated a few rules:

  1. Be respectful.
  2. Promotion of exhibitions may be posted once only.
  3. This is a discussion forum, so images of your own work can be posted if you have a sincere desire for critical feedback and/or technical discussion related to the work. Do not use this group for your own marketing.
  4. Do your pots justice and light them properly and keep images in focus. Please keep images professional and high-quality. None of those gloomy shots of pots taken on the floor of your lounge-room!
  5. Please keep things clay-related
  6. The administrators reserve the right to delete any material unrelated to the forum or posts from people not following the rules as stated here. No discussion will be entered into.Please jump in if you have a subject for discussion.
Please click the green square above to join the Australian Ceramics Forum

Please click the green square above to join the Australian Ceramics Forum

We welcomed these new TACA members in December 2015 and January 2016:
Sasa Scheiner, Rachael Harrex, Michelle Perrett, Sydney Institute of TAFE Gymea, Sarah Tracton, Helen Nawrath, Wendy Winsley, Sandra Tyson, Yvonne Kitchener, Anna Battersby, Anna-Maree O’Neale, Lily Mercer, Kari Lee McInneny-McRae, Daniel Jo, Yegana Jafarova, Elaine Limbrick, Penny Evans, Susan Dickie, John Musgrave, Helen Crandall, Emily Hunt, Janet Fraser and Angela Brennan.