November 2015

As always it was a great pleasure to be a judge for The Trudie Alfred Bequest  (TTAB) Ceramic Scholarships for 2016. Having had the difficult experience of getting thorough university on a shoestring budget I can fully appreciate the wonderful gift that this scholarship is to a struggling student. This is my third year as a judge and I’ve noticed the quality of the applicants’ images is getting better each year. Many of this year’s applicants are active in the ceramics community volunteering for major events and using social media to promote their work and create connections with other artists. It is fascinating to note that this is the first year that 3D printing has been part of applications for TTAB and this is an indication of an exciting new technology opening up to ceramics students. The winners of the 2016 Trudie Alfred Scholarships span a diversity of approaches to ceramic practice but one thing they all have in common is their commitment to the ceramics community.

Many referees spoke warmly of the enormous efforts their students have gone to be part of conferences and national events and I know that many of these students are spending their last dollars on petrol and bus tickets to get to these events. We are lucky as a community to have such enthusiasm and talent coming up through the education system. I hope this scholarship gives the students the freedom to pursue their passion with even more vigor during the coming year.

The Trudie Alfred Bequest Ceramic Scholarship recipients for 2016 are Mechelle Bounpraseuth (National Art School, NSW), Hannah Bradbury (National Art School, NSW), Te’ Claire (RMIT, VIC), Ryan Hancock (National Art School, NSW), Alexander Mamas (Australian National University, ACT), Samantha O’Farrell (RMIT, VIC) and Karlien Van Rooyen (Uni SA, SA).

I’ve been working on getting more Australian ceramics films up onto our Australian Ceramics Vimeo Channel and it is fascinating viewing, more films are appearing regularly. I’d like to encourage any of our members out there who have a film to get in touch and I’ll add it to our channel.  This is shaping up to be another great web-based resource for our members.

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We welcomed these new TACA members in October & November 2015:
Caroline Psaltis, Debra Ducrou, Dianne Angel, Nicole Heckel, Hugh Brown, Natalie Duncan, Tracy Dickason, Rebecca Ross, Bianca Wirth, Sandi Faulkner, Michelle Todd, Sue McFarland, Jo Victoria, Steve Roper, Marie Helene Clauzon, Merilyn Myers, Sally Khurshed, Yoko Ozawa, Nikki Dowdell, Aileen Agius, Melaleuca Ceramic & Art Studio Inc., Sally Kent, Marita Cochrane, Jo Butcher, Pam Mangelsdorf, Pamela Pudan, Mark Rose, Jeff Mincham, Frances Wilson, Lisa Penketh, Samantha O’Farrell, Te Claire, Karlien Van Rooyen, Ryan Hancock, Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Hannah Bradbury, Alexander Mamas, Jill Cuthbertson and Belinda Thomas.