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Applications close: 3 August 2015

A few words from Glenn Barkley, curator of OUSD

People have been asking what I’m interested in for the upcoming Australian Ceramics Association’s Biennial exhibition, OVERUNDERSIDEWAYSDOWN (OUSD).
I might be looking for artists who could be considered marginal in terms of their ceramic practice and their relationship to the established ceramics world  … maybe they have come to it later or from a different angle; they could have been trained in a different visual field but moved across. I think Angela Brennan is a great example.

It could include artists who are quite exploratory in their use of technique, incorporating failure and experimentation into their work. Their work could have a kind of unrefined exuberance that is in itself compelling and that has little or no regard for taste.

The work could be playing with the idea of function rather than being functional, but it need not just be sculptural … but there could be an interest in formal sculptural forms. This includes artists who have spent a life time working with the material and who have an interest in the amateur and the marginal but may not be that themselves but are rather highly trained and focused.

It closely aligns itself with the ‘new ceramics’ moment in which we find ourselves, as defined by the London-based Troy Town Art Pottery that sees ceramics as ‘a free material, divorced from the context of craft and design’.

If there is another thing that defines the current interest in ceramics, it is a kind of porosity that is inclusive of a multitude of approaches from the amateur to the professional. Applications for OUSD could also be from people working in a group or assisted studio space or even a community group making stuff in clay because they want to and it’s the perfect vehicle for them!

If you would like view the initial Call for Proposals, click HERE or go to The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Vol 54 No 1, pages 69 and 126.

All doors are open. Please apply.

Send your proposal/rationale (100–150 words), along with 3–5 images of related work and a current 1-page CV.
Applications are accepted on a USB flash drive or via www.dropbox.com.
Applications close: 3 August 2015
Artists notified: September 2015
Exhibition dates: 20 May – 26 June 2016

Post USB proposals to Glenn Barkley, TACA, PO Box 274 Waverley NSW 2024
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