Click HERE to read about the photo competition about knolling.
To see more of the wonderful knolling images entered in the photo competition, please go HERE for the online issue of The Journal of Australian Ceramics, 54/1.

Here is Raymond’s story about the winning image:

One day, while digging in my garden, I found a horseshoe. It was old and rusted, and had taken on the exact color of the soil, but I could tell instantly what it was – a real horseshoe. As I turned it over and over in my hands, I suddenly felt a wave of camaraderie for this poor, bent handmade thing. And even though I had never handled one before, I smiled at it, as if meeting an old and cherished friend. I thought of the horse-drawn milk wagon that must’ve clip-clopped down my street a hundred years ago, all the plants and flowers that must’ve grown out of this patch of ground. I decided to leave it where it was, and patted the dirt back on top. See you later, old friend.