Before Christmas, “Convergence” was held at held at the Carbon Black Gallery in Prahran. The graduating exhibition included ceramic works by Michal Anela, Susannah Larritt, Yuso Lee and Karen Steenbergen, the students who finished their Diploma of Ceramics at Holmesglen Institute in 2013.  Officially opened by renowned visual artist, Pamela Irving, there was a large turnout of family, friends, suppliers and art lovers at both the opening and over the course of the exhibition. It was a great success for the graduating students, celebrating the milestone and showing a range of works they had produced, some of which are below.

From the top: Yuso Lee, “Urban Dusk”, Susannah Larritt, “Memories of Landscape”, Michal Anela, “Coral Consciousness” (detail), Karen Steenbergen, “Nana Maries Cairn”

2_Yuso-Lee_Urban-Dusk_No3 2_Susannah-Larritt_Memories-of-Landscape2 2_Michal-Anela_Coral-Consciousness_detail 2_Karen-Steenbergen_Nana-Maries-Cairn