Centre of My Sinful Earth is an installation based work. Conceptually driven, executed in porcelain and showcasing a surrealist aesthetic. The work is nothing short of original. The artist shares the ambivalent magnetism of Kristeva’s abjection with Mary Douglas’ seminal work Purity and Danger. The tools of her trade and the scenarios implied play in the corporeal between seduction and disgust.
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Photos: Janelle Low

Field’s work is a lavish, sensual affair constructed of porcelain pipes, bends, taps and faucets. However, there is something deeply sinister in the pristine porcelain plumbing, particularly when viewed in contrast to the long seductive lengths of human hair.
The work is something of a self-portrait. Porcelain teeth, lingerie, face washes and soaps are all cast from the artist personal items.
Centre of My Sinful Earth is a significant work which traverses the boundary between conceptual and craft base art practices. The artist has displayed unfailing commitment to the work which is evident through the degree of attention to detail. Field’s approach to the medium of porcelain is fresh, contemporary and unorthodox. The work truly seduced, intrigued, disgusted and repulsed.

Wednesday 9 October – Sunday 3 November
Artist Talk: Saturday 12 October @ 3pm
418 Bay Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
T: 03 9681 8425; E: andy@marsgallery.com.au