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Hi everyone. I've had a large bucket of trimmings and slops kept wet for goodness knows how long, awaiting the mood to strike to recycle. It smells like the mud flats at low tide on a bad day. Should one do anything/add anything to get rid of that smell? (I'm assuming its nothing harmful just the breaking down of the clay?). If I stir through it and get it to a fairly even consistency, can I simply start putting globs out onto plaster bats or concrete until its of a wedgeable consistency - or does it all need to be dried out completely, and re-wet? Sorry if these are silly questions - I've never recycled before. Cheers in advance of any answers. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi, just wondering if anyone can recommend a reliable source for reusable, silicon coffee cup lids? The choices on ebay seems fairly limited and I am yet to find a website that allows quantity orders (but not thousands!) at an affordable price. If anyone is happy to share knowledge I would really appreciate it. :)) ... See MoreSee Less

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So! A funny thing happened when I went out to the studio tonight- I found a ring in one of the bowls I was throwing! One of my students lost it several weeks ago- I seived #fuckitbuckets looking for it. I turned the studio upside down. The clay I was using had been recycled through the #pugmill - no idea how it didn't get smashed to bits! I'm sure she will be happy to be reunited with it tomorrow at class! #potterslyfe #potteryclass #potter #pottersofinstagram #recycled #weddingring #weddingbands #weird #happenstance #howdidthathappen #australianceramics #wheelthrowing #studiolife #oxart #pottery #studio @oxyboy

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