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I've got an insurance question: my current insurance company will insure my home only if I use my kiln for personal use. I.e. if I try to sell my products at markets or fairs (which would be very much a hobby-like activity), they consider my activity as "commercial" and will not insure my house.I live in a Queenslander, so my kiln is under the house, well ventilated. Does anyone have insurance of their property with a company that allows them to be a "hobby potter"? ... See MoreSee Less

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Looking for a good second-hand single phase kiln, max 32 amps, preferably medium sized (internal dim. circa 500-500-6500), for Central Coast area in NSW. Any tips or suggestions on good-brand kilns very welcome! Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

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Organic amplifier for iPhones by British designer Camilla Lee.


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Organic amplifier for iPhones by British designer Camilla Lee. BUY. DESIGNER.

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Hi finally got some photos up.
Hilldav dimensions 980cm high 530wide 805deep
Two Paragon DTC 800. 740deep 540wide.
Parago DTC 600 560deep 425wide.
One of the DTC800 has no control panel.
The DTC 600 has no control panel. This kiln is single phase
All were operational last time I used them. I swapped the control panel over when I needed to.
The hilldav has Harco controller.
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